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***NOTE: This washer does not come with hoses - additional purchase of hoses is required***
Speckled Porcelain Tub
  • Amana's smooth porcelain tub resists tears and scratches better than a plastic tub, protecting your fabrics. Plus, the speckled gray color makes it easy to spot small items like white socks
High-Efficiency Agitator and Wash system
  • Get improved cleaning with Amana's High-Efficiency Agitator and Wash System that combines the gentleness of an impeller with the cleaning action of an agitator
  • The deep rinse and additional heat work with the High-Efficiency Agitator to deliver a better wash
Deep Water Wash Cycle
  • The Deep Water Wash cycle fills the tub with more water during the wash and rinse cycle when you need it, so you can be confident you're getting a great clean
Late Lid Lock
  • Late Lid Lock gives you extra time to throw in any missed or forgotten items, only locking once the spin cycle has begun
Advanced Suspension System
  • The advanced suspension system senses each load and stabilizes the wash basket
Automatic Temperature Control
  • The automatic temperature control sensors monitor the flow of incoming water, adjusting as needed to maintain the temperature you select and keep cleaning consistent
700-RPM Max Spin Speed
  • Drying begins in the washer. Spin speeds of up to 700 RPM help remove water from clothes so they take less time to dry
8 Wash Cycles
  • With 8 different wash cycles to choose from, you'll be able to care for it all, from delicate items to towels