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Trademill Carbon TL - Pro Form (PFTL59723)

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Precio Original $ 1,199.99
Precio Original $ 1,199.99 - Precio Original $ 1,199.99
Precio Original $ 1,199.99
Precio $ 1,049.99
$ 1,049.99 - $ 1,049.99
Precio $ 1,049.99
  • [iFIT Enabled] - Connect your own smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth® to enjoy iFIT's worldwide outdoor workouts and hands-free adjustments.

  • [Free 30-day iFIT Trial] - Enjoy iFIT's 10,000+, expert-led, worldwide, outdoor workouts. And iFIT’s intelligent fitness technology provides a more immersive experience with hands-free adjustments.

  • [5” High Contrast Display] - If you don’t use your own device, the built-in display will show live stat readouts, including incline, speed, distance, and estimated calories.

  • [ProShox™ Cushioning] - Work out more comfortably with our proprietary cushioning technology.

  • [QuickSpeed™ and QuickIncline™ Controls] - Remove the need to repeatedly tap a plus or minus sign to reach the intensity you want between 0-10 MPH and 0%-10% Incline. Just tap the speed of your choice with one touch for quick adjustments.

  • [SpaceSaver® Design & Transport Wheels] - Fold away when not in use and roll away to maximize your space.

  • [SmartAdjust™] - With an iFIT membership (sold separately), your machine can automatically follow the speed, incline, and resistance of your iFIT Trainer. With SmartAdjust™, those automatic adjustments will continue to happen, but they will be personalized to hit your fitness level based on your workout history and performance.

  • [ActivePulse™] - Using your own Bluetooth® connected heart rate monitor, the intensity of your workout will be automatically adjusted to stay within your target heart rate zone.

  • [2” built-in speakers] - enjoy clear audio of your trainer, their environment, and music during every workout.

  • [300 lb. User Capacity] - Built on a strong frame to accommodate a variety of home users.

  • [18 x 55 1-ply commercial belt] - Accommodate most strides comfortably from walking to running.

  • [2.6 CHP Motor] - Designed to provide steady power to your machine through your workout.

  • [Protected by Warranty] - 10-year frame, 1-year parts and labor warranty to give you peace of mind while you work out.

  • [Product footprint] - 57” Height x 32.1” Width x 68.6” Depth.

  • [Folded product footprint] - 65.7” Height x 32.1” Width x 32.9” Depth.