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Trademill Carbon TLX - Pro Form(PFTL90924)

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  • Rise to the Challenge

    • Elevated Training
      The Carbon TLX adjusts from a 0% grade up to 12% to realistically match the terrain of the workout.
    • Off-Treadmill iFIT Workouts
      Take your workout to the floor to open up even more full-body exercises and movements.

    Take In the Sights

    • iFIT Benefits
      Experience cutting-edge convenience at your fingertips by creating an iFIT account and connecting your own device with your Carbon TLX. Store your workout stats, access 10,000+ workouts, and watch your favorite entertainment. The treadmill's large, easy-to-press buttons make it simple to change your speed and incline level in an instant. Control all aspects of your workout effortlessly.
      • Durable Construction
      • 12% Incline / 0% Decline
      • Tablet or Phone Holder
    • Fitness That Fits
      • Interactive Training for All
        We've engineered the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill to fit most user heights.
      • Premium Comfort
        • ProShox™ cushioning
        • CoolAir™ fan
      • Immersive Audio
        • Dual 2" speakers
        • Bluetooth® headphone compatible
      • Confidence
        • Footprint: 35.1" wide x 74.3" deep x 59.1" tall
        • 10-year frame warranty
        • 1-year parts and labor warranty
    • Free Up Your Floor Space
      The Carbon TLX Treadmill collapses using EasyLift Assist so you can store your treadmill out of the way when not in use.


    • iFIT
      • iFIT® Enabled, 30-Day iFIT Trial Included1
        Engage in a whole new workout experience as certified personal trainers take your exercise all around the world, controlling your machine's resistance for you along the way. iFIT gives you continued motivation with unlimited access to streaming global and studio workouts, all led by a trainer. All you have to do is connect your own Bluetooth® device to your treadmill.
    • Display
      • 7" High Contrast, Multi-Color Display
        Stay in clear control and simply track your workout stats with this easy-to-view 7” high-contrast, multi-color display. Or connect your tablet or phone to the treadmill with bluetooth® and follow expert iFIT trainers in workouts around the world.


    • Motor
      • 3.0 CHP2
        Choose the motor that will run with you from Chicago to Cape Town. Smooth. Powerful. Durable. Proven. The 3.0 CHP motor stays cool through the toughest workouts; creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel; and promises a quiet in-home experience. Great for heavy use, this motor is built with high-quality components.
    • Tread Belt
      • 20" x 60"
        Give your legs plenty of room to get moving. The extended 60” length is long enough to let you stretch out your stride, and the huge 20” width provides you with loads of comfortable elbow room. To ensure our treadmills are top quality, we test each belt for one million cycles at double the user weight before release.
    • Speed
      • 0-12 MPH with QuickSpeed® Button Control
        Not everybody likes to run at 12 miles per hour. But it’s nice to know this treadmill can totally handle it. Thanks to a bigger motor size, we are pretty proud of this machine’s 12 mph top speed. And the convenient QuickSpeed® buttons let you adjust your intensity instantly, so you can stay focused through every step of your workout.
    • Incline
      • 0-12% with QuickSpeed® Button Control
        We consider incline training the treadmill game changer—you can realistically condition your body for those challenging uphill routes. When you train with incline, you know you’re giving your legs the best workout possible on a treadmill.
    • Cushioning
      • ProShox™ Cushioning
        Our No. 1 goal is to provide a comfortable run—and a comfortable walk. Every treadmill we release is equipped with cushioning throughout the deck area. Our patented shock absorbers keep the impact to a minimum, so as you walk, jog, or run, your legs will be thanking you. With less stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips, you’ll be able to enjoy a longer workout and faster recovery time.
    • Rollers
      • 1.9” Precision-Machined and Balanced Rollers
        We know that a quality product is all about the details. That’s why we’ve built the Carbon TLX with huge precision-machined, balanced, non-flex rollers. These decrease tension, which keeps wear and tear to a minimum. You’ll also notice less noise and better grip.


    • Folding Deck
      • SpaceSaver® Design
        We know you like your house to be clutter-free. So we invented a treadmill that folds up and out of the way when you’re done with your workout. It totally rocked the fitness industry; but honestly, we’re just glad you don’t have to sacrifice your living space for your fitness habit anymore.
    • Audio
      • Bluetooth®3 Audio Capabilities with Dual 2” Speakers
        The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync up and listen to your entertainment at a higher volume. The built-in dual 2-inch speakers let you hear your music or videos wirelessly with even less complication. You can also access audio through the built-in auxiliary port. Experts have learned that we actually increase or decrease our pace to match the tempo of our tunes.
    • Fan
      • CoolAire™ Fan
        Our built-in CoolAire™ fan keeps your workout comfortable from the moment you step onto the deck to the moment you step off. Choose from two speed settings for instant control—because one of the joys of indoor workouts is climate control. Even if it’s raining, foggy, blazing hot, or bad air quality outside—you’ll be comfortable inside.
    • Low Step-Up Height
      • 7.75"
        Only 7.75" from the ground to the top of the treadmill belt.
    • Weight Capacity
      • 300 Lb. Weight Capacity
        Built with the whole family in mind, the Carbon TLX treadmill accommodates up to 300 pounds.