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SKU NX60BB851512AP

Instant upgrade to a modern and built-in look

Slide-in Design

Give your kitchen a premium and stylish built-in look. The slide-in design provides a modern and integrated appearance, but is very easy to install. Simply nestle it between your cabinets to upgrade the kitchen without remodeling. And its front controls make cooking safer and more convenient.

Fries food perfectlyusing little oil

Air Fry

Totally faster and more even cooking

True Convection

Save time and cook food more evenly with a True Convection system, which is great for baking and broiling. A heated fan distributes heat all around the oven and keeps the temperature constant. So dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly, no matter where they are placed or how large they are.

Improved usability & space efficiency

Edge to Edge Grates

Enjoy greater usability and style with Edge to Edge Grates that minimize unused space. The wider cooking area will accommodate much larger dishes and you can use a greater variety of cookware. Being made of cast iron with a matte finish they also have a modern appearance, but are very robust.

No fingerprint marks or dirty smudges

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Make sure your kitchen always looks spotlessly clean. A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges. And they can be quickly wiped away if any do appear. So your home will stay looking flawlessly beautiful.

Simply speak and it does what you want

Voice Control

Control the oven with your voice. Using a voice assistant*, such as Samsung Bixby**, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can simply say what you want the oven to do and it will do it. You can easily turn it on/off, select functions and change settings, even if you’re busy doing other things.

Effortlessly easy self cleaning oven

Self Cleaning

Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Self Cleaning system heats the cavity to a high temperature to burn off grease and food residue. Everywhere is left completely spotless with only a few ashes to wipe away.