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Instant Refresh cycle revives fabrics without washing

Save water and energy with Instant Refresh which removes wrinkles and refreshes items from light wear in 10 minutes, without having to do a full wash.

Get a more precise dry with our LuxCare® Dry System

Save time and energy and protect items from over or under-drying with our unique sensor that detects humidity on the surface so that all your fabrics are treated with precision and care.

15-Minute Fast Dry

Quickly dry the items you need most.1

Predictive Dry™ more accurately predicts dry times

More accurately predict dry times so you don’t have to keep checking on your load with Predictive Dry™. Within about 90 seconds of starting the load, the dryer calculates a more accurate time in which your clothes will be perfectly dried.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Our dryers are designed with the environment in mind; our normal cycle is eco - with

the option of adding dry boost if you need it.

Fits more rooms with reversible door

Enjoy easy loading no matter how your washer and dryer are configured

Perfect Steam™ option

Gently release wrinkles and reduce static to keep clothes looking their best

Extended Tumble option keeps clothes tangle-free

Gently tumbles your clothes without heat to keep them tangle-free--perfect for when you cannot remove clothes right after the cycle ends.