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SKU EP49695
  •  Three Prong Range Cord: Use this power cord with three copper wires and open-end connectors for your kitchen range, rated at 50Amps
  • 5Ft / 60” Cord Length: The long power cord length of this cord helps you position your range wherever it’s needed, even if your power outlet is on another wall or not right in front of your appliance
  •  Strain Resistant: The right angle strain clamp protects your cable. The design of this plug means your connection is secure and the wires will not break. Thick vinyl insulation helps extend the lifespan of this electrical range cord
  •  EvertechPRO Universal range power cord replacement part numbers: 49695 8171385RC PT220 5304493423 5304503203 5308819106 WX09X10006 WX09X10007 WX09X10008 WX09X10010 WX09X10011 WX09X10012
  •  Made For 125/250V Ranges: Be sure to check your appliance before buying; this is a power cord for electric range that supports 3-prong (8/10 gauge wire). Guaranteed Quality: This product is under warranty for a year and fully guaranteed in case of manufacturing fault. Each three prong range cord is thoroughly tested before being sold