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1.1 cu. ft Countertop Microwave - SAMSUNG (AME811CST)

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Precio Original $ 209.99
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Precio Original $ 209.99
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Precio $ 169.99
  • PowerGrill - The grilling element keeps foods like pizza crispy. The rack and plate are removable for easy cleaning.
  • 1000 watts for standard microwave cooking - Cook frozen meals in a snap, or heat coffee, soup and leftovers in no time.
  • 1.1 cu. ft. capacity for most cooking needs - Large enough to cook 1- to 2-person meals.
  • Easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant ceramic interior - The durable ceramic enamel cavity's polished surface allows grease and oil to be wiped away with ease.
  • LED display - Offers a clear view of available settings.
  • Preset one-touch cooking controls - Convenient cooking controls make heating up food fast and simple. Also includes a handy Add 30 Seconds button to add more time while your food is cooking.
  • Auto and time defrost - Simply enter the weight of your food and the microwave automatically figures out the cook time and power level.
  • Eco mode - Helps conserve energy.
  • Child safety lockout feature - Helps prevent unsupervised use.
  • 10 Power Levels Helps deliver more precise cooking.